Open Call for Staffers [Indiana, Jan 21, 2023]

Post high school tournament announcements and results here, along with logistical information. Interest checks, opinions, and other in-depth discussion of tournaments should go in the forum below.
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Open Call for Staffers [Indiana, Jan 21, 2023]

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The Indiana Association of School Principals is going to host their Area Championship tournaments on January 21st, 2023. This event consists of a number of simultaneous tournaments across the state hosted on IS-218A. On the whole, Indiana lacks experienced readers for quizbowl events. So, if you happen to be nearby, and would like to volunteer to cross state borders and facilitate a good quizbowl tournament, please read further:

There are 5 Area hosts this year. Below is more information on each:

Saint Joseph High School
City: South Bend
Approximate location: along the border with Michigan
Field size: 14
Other notes: I believe they already have help from Notre Dame Quiz Bowl.

Homestead High School
City: Fort Wayne
Approximate location: far north, near the border with Ohio
Field size: 7
Other notes: I am not in direct conversation with this host, but I can still contact them.

McCutcheon High School
City: Lafayette
Approximate location: midway between Chicago and Indianapolis, very close to Purdue
Field size: 8
Other notes: TD has requested "all the help we can get."

Center Grove High School
City: Greenwood
Approximate location: immediately south of Indianapolis
Field size: 12
Other notes: I am not in direct conversation with this host, but I can still contact them.

Sullivan High School
City: Sullivan
Approximate location: about 25mi south of Terre Haute, close to border with Illinois
Field size: 6
Other notes: TD has requested two staffers.

Some additional information relevant to tournaments run by the IASP: as staffers, you will not be obligated to keep score. The IASP uses a system where teams' coaches double as scorekeepers, and teams are not allowed to be without a coach, so you can expect every room to have two people dedicated to scorekeeping.

Also, no matter what size the field is, the tournaments will end with a single-elimination "playoff." If you need to leave early for any reason, I believe we can set up scheduling such that your room is no longer used after the first round of eliminations.

I am not sure how much I'll be able to compensate you financially, but I'm willing to work with you to find a good amount.

If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] with the subject line "IASP Staff."
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