Canadian Novice @ Rutgers University (4/15/23)

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Canadian Novice @ Rutgers University (4/15/23)

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I am pleased to announce Rutgers University will host a mirror of the Canadian circuit's spring novice set on Saturday, April 15, 2023. This tournament is intended for teams and players newer to collegiate quiz bowl, details about the set can be found here viewtopic.php?t=26114. The field has a cap of 24 teams but is subject to expansion given enough staffers and buzzers. I (Alexis Terman) will be directing this tournament. Signups will close a week before the tournament.

Fees and Payment
Base Fee: $100
-$30 for teams new to quiz bowl (defined as having not played a tournament in the 2020-21 or 2021-22 seasons)
-$20 per trained staffer with a functioning laptop
-$10 per working buzzer set with at least 8 working buzzers
-$10 per 150 miles traveled one-way. Distances are decided via Google Maps.
Minimum Fee: $50

This tournament is intended for players with no or very little quiz bowl experience. Players with extensive quiz bowl experience are encouraged to help staff. You are not eligible for this tournament if you meet any of the following criteria:

- You have ever scored more than 60 points per game at a quiz bowl tournament (excluding middle school tournaments).
- You have made the playoffs at HSNCT or top 32 at NSC.
- You have played ICT (DI or DII) or ACF Nationals.

If you meet one or more of these criteria but would like an exemption to play, email [email protected]

The tournament will be held in Scott Hall. An email with additional logistics will be sent out to teams when signups close.

Teams should register here. Staffers should sign up here. The field can be found here.

(Format of this post taken from Cornell's announcement.)
Alexis Terman, Rutgers University

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